Meet ProDuCt

ProDuCt – Project Development Consulting JSC is a company whose activity is focused on innovation in the field of personalized medicine and biotechnology.

Our core business is focused on developing and managing logistics projects in the field of companion diagnostics. This involves combining innovative diagnostic technologies with pathological expertise to assess the genetic and molecular characteristics of the tumor in various oncological diseases. The company develops and provides a fully completed diagnostic process to assess the tumor’s mutation / expression status, including providing the appropriate reagents for each type of diagnosis.

The experience gained over the past four years has made us an expert and leader in ensuring the companion diagnostics in the field of oncology diseases in Bulgaria.

The company operates also as a contract research organization (CRO) for clinical trials; organizing and conducting research and applied research in the field of medicine and biotechnology; validation studies for innovations in the field of molecular diagnostics.

Our partners are highly qualified and proven experts in their fields such as molecular biologists, pharmaceutical industry experts and doctors. Our business requires the abiliety to work  in a multidisciplinary environment, which is an indication for the high goals and results of our projects.

ProDuCt is also a co-founder of the Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine (BAPEMED)


Effective healthcare through an innovative approach to precision diagnosis and personalized treatment

Access to innovations

Information and predictability of the clinical outcome


The patient’s individual characteristics determine the aim and the type of health care

Good practices

Introducing the best practices in precision diagnostics


Our corporate culture is built on our mission, vision and core values that we strive to follow not only in our day-to-day work, but also in our products and services.

Up-to-date and innovative

We are aware of the innovations in the molecular diagnostics and therapy. We develop diagnostic processes and validate innovations in the companion diagnostics on the territory of Bulgaria, making it accessible to patients across the country.

The patient is first

We put patients at the center, we strive to find the differences between patients and provide innovative treatment based on scientific information and predictable clinical outcome.

Honesty and transparency

We strictly follow the moral values of transparency and integrity in our relations with others and between ourselves. ProDuCt believes its clients and contractors. Mutual trust is the key to a successful workflow.


We respect the individual’s right to privacy, we advocate full compliance with the law on the protection of personal data and the consent of the patient at any time.

Quality management system

ProDuCt’s activity is based on a system of rules and procedures that is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard by TUV Austria. The ethical standards and anticorruption practices of the pharmaceutical industry have been incorporated into the quality system’s scope.

Our team is trained and certified on various good practices, GCP, GMP GDP.

Information about the data controller

ProDuCt – Project Development Consulting JSC is a personal data administrator registered in the registry of the administrators of the Commission for Personal Data Protection under identification number 248626. The company maintains a Patient Register with the right to operate health data.


ProDuCt is a contract partner of a number of pharmaceutical companies in the development and provision of patients support programs for molecular diagnosis in oncology therapies. Our partners are innovative pharmaceutical and biotech companies such as: